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Faith, Hope & Good Mental Health provides faith-based support for good mental health
Faith, Hope & Good Mental Health ministry helps restore hope 
for people affected by mental health challenges.

We help faith communities and faith-based organizations learn how to support people who have mental health concerns. Every year, one out of five people experiences a mental health challenge. Others may be facing the isolation of loneliness. The pain of loss, or the sadness of grief can be overwhelming. Over time and without help, these mental health concerns can cause people to withdraw, fall into despair and lose their joy in living. Faith communities can be sources of real support during these difficult times.  

Restoring Wholeness is a curriculum produced by Faith, Hope & Good Mental Health which addresses mental health concerns while providing opportunities to discover new insights about one’s faith journey. 

Our Goal:
Compassionate Care
Educating faith leaders to understand mental health challenges is one step toward providing compassionate care. Another step is equipping individuals with the skills to relate to those who are struggling.

The long term goal is to help people find meaning in difficult situations. By addressing mental health challenges, we can create responsive, compassionate individuals and caring communities.
Our Curriculum:
Restoring Wholeness

Restoring Wholeness: Spiritual Support for Mental Health curriculum has a unique method to create support groups that listen to concerns of the heart and attend to matters of the soul.

Group leaders learn how to use spiritual practices to help participants find relief and inspiration. Those who participate may find that their hope returns and their faith is restored. Even in the midst of 
struggle they can recover a sense of wholeness.

What is Wholeness?

A sense of wholeness grows as we find meaning and purpose in our lives. It is more than the body, mind, and spirit. It is more than wellness. Wholeness is grounded in a deep connection with God, in the willingness to recognize and receive God’s grace. 

Those times when we feel mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unwell can be times when we are more open to God’s presence. The core of this curriculum is based on spiritual practices. These include mindfulness, stillness, reflection, imagination, and blessing. This approach can create a sense of wholeness. We discover that we can thrive again.

There is power in understanding the journey of others to help create your own. 
Kobe Bryant
At the end of the series, participants knew that they were not alone in their struggles…
Pastor Julio C. Peña, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Chicago
Restoring Wholeness curriculum provides a flexible structure within which people can experience both a connection with themselves and with others. 
Korin Isotalo, Retreatant
Rev. McNair’s groundbreaking work in developing Restoring Wholeness small group model has been an inspiration to a variety of faith leaders…
Robert Skrocki, past President of Interfaith Mental Health Coalition
Meet the Author 
Rev. Kathy Dale McNair is ordained in the Presbyterian Church, USA and focuses on how faith can support mental health. She founded the ministry, Faith, Hope and Good Mental Health (FHGMH) which is based, in part, on her work with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She was on the national NAMI FaithNet board, a division of NAMI which encourages faith communities to be welcoming to those struggling with mental health challenges.

The FHGMH ministry team has created a curriculum called Restoring Wholeness. It invites people of faith to explore challenging times in their lives and look for where elements of faith can be supportive during mental health challenges. Rev. McNair consults with faith communities and speaks about the importance of faith in supporting good mental health as well as mental health challenges.

Rev. Kathy Dale McNair
We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection. 
Brené Brown

Restoring Wholeness groups create a safe space for sharing deep concerns. We find companions for the journey and rest for our souls.
Rev Kathy Dale McNair
Some Restoring Wholeness: Spiritual Support for Mental Health themes are:

How to uncover blessings in difficult situations

How peace can relieve the burden of anxiety

How spiritual comfort can help overcome depression

The Tree of Life
is our symbol for Faith, Hope and Good Mental Health. In many faith traditions, the Tree of Life is seen as a source of wisdom. In Proverbs 2:2 we are encouraged to turn our ears to wisdom and apply our hearts to understanding. Our life’s span can be traced in this tree motif. From the beginning, we grow and mature and reach out for those things that are life-giving.  The Restoring Wholeness curriculum offers opportunities to listen to our lives, to let our lives speak. It can deepen our understanding of ourselves and provide an opportunity to meet others on their life’s journey. All the while, we can grow in knowledge and wisdom.
The detailed, thoughtful, and thorough guides for both participants and leaders are wonderful roadmaps. The parameters that are set forth to create a safe space where participants can explore their own truths are very realistic and practical. 

– Korin Isotalo

Restoring Wholeness Curriculum
Restoring Wholeness Leader Guide 
This 23-page leader guide includes skills in interpersonal communication, group dynamics and how to use spiritual practices. It provides tools on how to start a group. Promotional materials and notices to use in faith community bulletins are available for free.. Group quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for more information. 


Restoring Wholeness Participant Guide
This 41-page guide has materials for all six sessions. The guide leads participants through exercises as they explore anxiety, depression, loneliness, loss, grief and then how to restore wholeness. The structured Restoring Wholeness method is practical and inspirational. It helps participants explore difficult life challenges and engage spiritual practices which can support them now and strengthen them as they grow in their faith.

Restoring Wholeness Group A Package –
One Leader Guide & Six Participant Guides 

Restoring Wholeness Group B Package – 
One Leader Guide & Eight Participant Guides 

A variety of resources, support documents, and marketing materials are available for free to help organize small group meetings and virtual online gatherings. 
Complimentary customizable flyers can be downloaded for your organization’s events
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Faith, Hope & Good Mental Health is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization providing resources, training, and support to individuals and faith communities.  We help people affected by mental health challenges find hope and support through connection with others. We provide small group curriculum, workshops, presentations and other useful tools for a compassionate, mental health ministry.
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